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Hi guys!! its been another.. nearly 3 months.....
anyways here's a little life update!

I got my target grades in my report and they honestly aren't the best I feel like I've let myself down this term, but it can always change by next year yk. If I keep trying I'll achieve what I deserve (cough cough all 9s and a 7 in english). What I know so far is that Spanish and computer science has made my life a living hell and that I'm really glad i didn't choose art...

OH RIGHT I ORDERED NEW GLASSES TODAY!!! Gonna get them in January I think.. but I'll finally be able to see LOLL
yea that's kinda it for my life rn see u guys soon (hopefully)

GUESS WHO FORGOT TO UPDATE THEIR JOURNAL HAHAHAHA.. anyays. It's been about 2 and a half weeks of school. i am SO TIRED but ykw i have some really good classes and really good teachers, i've really got it good for my gcse years. but yea.

On Sunday (the 24th) I saw lovejoy at Rock City Notts and my god that was so cool.. It was the best first concert i had experienced, i love live music esp when its rock and the supporting bands (loupe + good kid) were so awesome as well !!!

some day i'll upload videos and pics HAHA

holy shit last week of summer holidays for me...

in my big years of gcses scary innit /j

yesterday i went with my friends to watch heathers since they came to my city's theatre iT WAS AWESOME!!

i really loved the whole thing ive always liked heathers but i only got the chance to watch it live yesterday. We walked around town trying to find a place to eat for a bit and decided on some chinese style noodles.
anyways besides all that at like 11pm/12am last night i decided to start planning selling and trading photocards. I had always wanted to trade but didnt know how i would approach shipping things then i realised i could just buy my own (or steal some of my dads) envelopes and mailing supplies and just go to the post office. I mean, i have my own money to buy albums, so i can invest some money into mailers and stuff and earn the money back from sales. I'm not expecting many sales to begin with tho. but yea. i really want to do it.

DAY 2 or smth hiihihihi!

still havent found my glasses..

I'm listening to kard on shuffle rn as I'm writing this hehe (STREAM ICKY!!). Last night i remembered about some Spanish summer homework i'm meant to do and i have like a week left of summer holidays so i really need to do that. I don't know how much of it there is... I might be screwed if its like multiple weeks worth of work and stuff. I still have bits i wanna add to this site tho so time to multitask. thank god im good at that :p
How do i add scrollbars n stuff to this stuff ive barely studied html im absolutely winging it with this webiste. I shouldve been allowed to submit this for my final project last year smh

okay ermrmmm after like 5 minutes of messing around i got a little scroll bar working in the box hehe. Now i actually gotta go do this homework buh bye

HEYYYY testing testing hello!!!



okay back to the glasses thing help i alreayd lost them once this yr i had to get new ones bUT NOW IVE OKLOST THE NEW ONES THEYRE KINDA SUPPOSEDLY SOMEWHERE IN MY ROOM BUT I GENUINELY CANT FIND THEM HELP HAHAHAHA.